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Dinner Bell- Follow The Wai

During our Spring marketing trip in Hawaii, Brian Lee introduced us to Chef Yuda Abitbol amidst the stunning landscapes. With his expertise in foraging and profound respect for Hawaiian culture, Chef Yuda embodies the essence of island cuisine. Together, we captured the essence of his culinary artistry in a mesmerizing short recipe video, showcasing the harmonious blend of locally sourced ingredients and ancient traditions that define Hawaiian gastronomy. This short recipe video celebrates the deep connection between food, nature, and culture in the heart of Oahu.

From foraging to farming

Chef Yuda dedicates his work to connecting the food he makes to the nature that surrounds him. From foraging to farming, he offers wild food in a digestible way.

Embodying the essence of island cuisine

Chef Yuda personifies the heart of island cooking, blending his skill in foraging with a profound appreciation for Hawaiian heritage.

A traditional Hawaiian salad

Using locally sourced ingredients, this dish includes a mix of Watercress, Pipikaula, Wild Ginger, Green Onion, Kona Orange, Tomato, Onion, & Ho'i'o (Fern). 

See more of Yuda's work @followsthewai