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"A delightful throwback to bit-style surf cinema" - STAB

Drillbits is a surf film, in Texas.

In our satirical approach on typical wave pool surfing, we follow five Seager surfers and their run in with the local authority, ’Chuck & Larry’. Drillbits is a tip of the hat to the classic bit style surf films that inspired us as groms. Shoutout to Taj & Keith.
A Seager Company Film, presented by Ranch Rider Spirits.

Directed and Edited by Eli Paul.

Director of Photography Spencer Reeves.

Additional footage provided by John Cocozza, Neil Holliday and Ryan Valasek. Photos by Ryan Valasek.

Featuring Skip McCullough, Brady Ruysschaert, Brandon Hawkins, Christian Ramirez and Tristan Sullaway.