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Hidden House Coffee has been at the roots of Seager since our first meetings as a company. Lured in by its charm, scrumptious scones, stellar coffee (black, if you’re asking us) and the fact that if you frequent enough you can keep your own mug there, hanging on the wall, just for you. It was a place where we felt comfortable, inspired and at home. Heck, before we even scuffed our boots on what is now called Seager Co, we spent hours, high on caffeine, curating ideas on how to build a strong western brand. That is why we decided to pay homage to our origins by proudly releasing our first camping mug with Hidden House Coffee.

Introducing the Coffee & Whiskey mug, a Seager Co. product inspired by the warm roasted ambiance of Hidden House and the adventure filled ideas that came from within those walls.

Available for purchase exclusively on our site here and at both San juan and Santa Ana Hidden House Coffee locations.