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‘Through the Grapevine’ was our best attempt to release a humorous video during tough times (comic relief, if you will) all while pushing a pretty simple message “SEAGER LAUNCHED NEW GEAR”! 
As you follow along, you will see how the original message gets distorted and a classic game of ‘telephone’ ensues. Justin Hughs did a great job acting as every character misinterprets each message until he’s finally met with special guest Charley Crockett who tells him what he’s supposed to know… that Seager launched new gear!
We made the trip up to Northern CA in order to shoot this campaign under crazy circumstances AKA COVID-19. Pretty much everything was closed, including campsites, restaurants, and hotels so we had to rely on our personal resources. Texino Campers really helped us here! We were able to load everyone up, gear, food, boards, etc.. and sleep pretty much anywhere. Luckily, we didnt have to sleep on the streets or on public land because of the help of our family and friends up there who took us in but it was rad to have the option. Thanks Texino! 
Charley Crockett met us up there for different reasons (keep an eye out for that, coming soon!) and it was pretty rad that he agreed to make a guest appearance in the end of this clip. 
With everything going on, it sure was hard to lock everything in and get a full crew to pump out “Through the Grapevine” but Director Eli Paul and DP Joe Miller did an amazing f*#king job at corralling the crew and getting us to work. And not just that but their attention to detail was fantastic. 
We’re all super happy with the outcome and hope you enjoy!